So yeah.. There goes Chocolate making to my repertoire..

This is not about buying Cooking Chocolate from the store then making Chocolate Pralines at home like a do every so often. This time goes beyond that. This is making Chocolate Bars and other Chocolate Products from Chocolate beans from the Cacao trees I, or we rather, planted some years back.

The Cacao trees started bearing and producing cacao fruits since a few years ago. I am happy I finally pay attention to this gems of our garden and have successfully made beautiful Chocolate bars using the beans.

This is the crops..


Thank you YouTubes for the videos you can learn from. We took the seeds out of the fruits, fermenting them for three days covered in Banana leaves, then moldy and all, then we sundry them for about 10 days to dry. This is because it is currently rainy season here in Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia, so Thank GOD for days of partial sunshine.


After that we oven roast the beans and peeled them by hand…


Then we ground the beans into powder, and then grind some further until the fat is released from the beans and a fatty paste is formed. Then we spoon squeeze the paste to make them shinier..


Then we spread and cut.. it soft when warm and hardens when cooled..


We even make Comporrado..


Thank you for visiting..


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